Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) Mushrooms

We have four types of IQF mushrooms: Blanched, Non-Blanched, Tru-Roast® Roasted, and Sautéed Roasted. Whatever your product, whatever your process, we will work with you to find the right type of mushroom for you.

Our technical sales people can help address a variety of production-related mushroom enzymes and starches to avoiding the potential for discoloration in sauces.

All of our IQF products come packed with a poly liner in a box. Each piece is separately frozen for ease of use and are inspected to make sure they meet our high quality standards. Our Tru-Roast® roasted and sautéed roasted mushrooms are roasted over open flames with our priority roaster system to allow maximum flavor and consistency. So whatever your mushroom need may be, Phillips Gourmet has the product and the quality for your manufacturing needs. Give us a call and let us ship you free samples to try in your process.

Whole IQF Mushrooms
Sliced IQF Mushrooms
Diced IQF Mushrooms

Dried Mushrooms

We know that some of today’s most unique products often use ingredients that are less well known and frequently difficult to find and/or use. That’s why we carry a complete line of exotic mushrooms that are dried. Our ability to source dried mushrooms from around the world allows us to provide the one of the most extensive lines of dried mushroom products in the world.

Whether you’re looking for Woodear for your Wonton, Porcini for your Penne, or a diced blend for your dry mix, call us.

Whole Dried Mushrooms
Sliced Dried Mushrooms
Diced Dried Mushrooms
Powdered Dried Mushrooms

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